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" Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity known to man "

-Bill Gates


Custom Web Designing

In today's world design sells and only user friendly designs sells. At Performance Domain, our Web Art Directors and Lead Web Designers always ensure that each site must be creative and well targeted to the readers, audiences and customers. Our professionally created websites create a lasting impression and also enforce brands.

We combine creativity, business acumen and web design expertise to design websites that bring tangible results to our clients. In the last 5 years we have served many leading companies throughout the world and many multinational and conglomerates locally. We offer high impact and amazing designs, creative minds coupled with affortable prices makes us the top choice.

 At Performance Domain, we firmly believe in designing our clients' websites with the highest standards of creativity, design and technology. Our core strength is the corporate finesse of designing our clients' websites in a skilled way. We work through design strategies that are tailor-cut to help the clients achieve their goals and results on the internet. Our designs are developed strictly on the scientific lines of modern day technologies and always target to relevant audiences and customers which matter most to our clients.

If you really want your website to meet your business objectives, then you need more than just a designer or a programmer. You need a company that can bring real world business experience to the table. Sure, there are a lot of web design companies out there, but there really aren't many that can compete with us when it comes to delivering tangible results.

For every client, our goal is always to create and design websites that get noticed so that our clients get noticed and get tangible results.

Web Programming

At Performance Domain, every web solution is based on complete understanding of each business, target audiences and customers and relevant market. We always ensure that every solution that is developed at Performance Domain is efficient in working and bringing tangible results to our clientsand is able to satisfy our customers by exceeding their expectations. Hence, web development at Performance Domain is implementation of integrated qualities like creativity, efficiency, technology, proficiency and exuberant styling.

 With more than 5 years in the industry and a qualified team of developers we have been able to develop and deliver solutions that are completely to our clients needs. With evolution of web 2.0 the importance of web development services has increased many folds. By using different languages PHP,, Java, Flex, Cold Fusion with Ajax now we can create user friendlier and interactive websites. They are not just user friendly and convenient for users but also help website administrators to make changes in the website, modifying features, content and much more.

 Today, successful businesses are not focused on just being ahead of competition but in being front runners, pioneers and consistent leaders. At Performance Domain, we offer you a gamut of IT related services, top-notch management skills and marketing insight to keep you at the top of the list. Whether it be in design and development or planning and implement, you are assured of quality services, on time execution and complete delight. Our talented team of technical experts will be the powerhouse behind you success. Together we will help you build a better tomorrow. We can help take you one step closer to accomplishing your business goals.

Our services cover every aspect of web development, from start to finish. Performance Domain has the skills and the capacity to work with you to meet your requirements.

Blog Programming

A blog is tailor-made for storing and managing your organization's intellectual capitol. It's a centralized repository for experience and expertise, a self-publishing platform for disseminating key, timely information to an audience of readers who are already interested in your products and services.

Like any good viral marketing campaign, the content of the best blogs is passed from reader to reader, extending your organization's reach and influence exponentially. Bloggers are generous about linking to other blogs that they recommend and they respect. And other related sources of news, information and opinion even online, traditional publications won't hesitate to pick up an interesting post and republish it. So, in effect, a blog gives your organization the power of a syndicated columnist.

 A blog allows you to draw out invaluable feedback too, without having to lollygag through the traditional rites of business courtship. Comments from readers are a kin to free market research. If your goal is to establish an open, online dialogue with prospects and influential people who might otherwise not give you the time of day, a blog just may be your entree, it certainly is a compelling ice-breaker.

 What's more, search engines love blogs, especially when they're updated regularly. Blogging results in more top placements than you could ever have imagined for you and your organization.

Our blog development services include: Helping you determine your reasons for blogging - Teaching your team how to blog - Securing your blog's domain - Choosing the right blog software - Add-ons and plug-ins - Setting up - Laying out and designing your blog - Developing an editorial calendar - Documenting blog policies and processes - Registering and promoting your blog - Monitoring and measuring your blog's effectiveness.

Our strategic development and consultation services include not only the execution of your blog but also all technical and marketing related support. 


Examples of Our Website Development Group

‘Your Care Source’ is dedicated to provide In-Home Care that enriches the lives of seniors who prefer to live independently in their own homes, stay with a family member, or have access to outside supportive care and assistance when needed.

Lightning Inc. Electrical Contractors is a world-class electrical contracting company built on a foundation of integrity, quality, and a desire to provide innovative, measured and reliable services for the construction industry


If you’re looking for that almost-perfect place in Muskoka I can help! Everyone knows there isn’t really a Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow – but there is an excellent probability that by working together we can find the land, cottage or home that you’ve been yearning for. Send me an e-mail, I’ll reply promptly!


Over the years as my following grew, and people’s lives all over the world are being positively impacted and changed through my work, word spread and the demand for my time increased tremendously.  However, I just could not be available to everyone in person. So people began asking me to develop some sort of forum in order that they could reach me at any time to refuel and get what they need at that particular time to continue on their journeys.


The Spoken Word began as a performance poetry ensemble in 1988. The performing group has presented at schools, museums, conferences, community groups, universities and festivals throughout metropolitan Washington, DC..


Try Practice Activator risk-free for 60 days. No investment in new hardware and software and you can cancel anytime during first 60 days with no penalties




basicblouse. We only make one thing, and we make it really well - basic, white blouses. This classic blouse will add style to your professional wardrobe - you can dress it up with a suit, or dress it down with jeans. It looks posh, and feels comfortable.


Furniture Oasis has 50,000 items from 50 manufacturers in stock and ready to ship, and we constantly add new manufacturers to offer biggest variety, at lowest cost with the most service as possible.


Makabu. is a software services and product company. Founded in 2000, after the acquisition of a South Asian software development


David Harvey - Migration Law is committed to providing the very best advice and advocacy on all Australian immigration matters.


Makabu. is a software services and product company. Founded in 2000, after the acquisition of a South Asian software development





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